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  • How Our Signs Are Made - The Traditional Casting Method

    We are often asked how signs are made when using the traditional sand cast technique. It is an art at each step of the way and every persons contribution to the sign making process is vital. It all begins with exceptional customer service in underst...
    2015-01-15 18:57:13
  • The Art Of Casting Metal Signs

      This week we have created some beautiful bespoke house name plaques and signs. It is a really enjoyable experience seeing the sand casting process first hand in our on site foundry. Watching a clients artwork turning into an authentic...
    2014-08-11 06:30:08
  • Which Is The Best Hand Painted Decorative Sign

    Mostly cast house signs have raised cast in lettering and if desired a raised motif is chosen and then hand painted onto the plaque as an added decoration. But what happens when we don't have a pattern for a motif? If it is paramount that the motif b...
    2014-08-08 17:59:33
  • Best Kept Village Award Plaques

    A beautiful village, well cared for by it's occupants is a delight to visit or pass through. Whenever residents take a pride in their environment it benefits all who have the pleasure of encountering it. If villagers create a beautiful set...
    2014-08-07 17:41:14
  • Revival Of Traditional Cast Iron Street Signs

      The new year has brought in some exciting new changes at Signcast.  We have begun making some great plaques for our commercial clients. We are now looking forward to welcoming more business and commercial clients from Architects, prop...
    2014-06-24 11:32:39
  • Which Design Is Best For Cast Signs?

      When it comes to cast metal signs there are several options to choose from in terms of design. It is important to realise that the standard fonts used in general pattern making are limited and require a certain amount of space between lette...
    2014-04-28 07:57:51
  • What Are Celebratory Plaques

    Personalized plaques are an ideal way to celebrate a special event in your life such as an anniversary, wedding or birthday. Bronze is traditionally given for the 8th Wedding Anniversary as a gift to a loved one, but is also used for Commemoration...
    2014-04-28 07:53:31
  • Why Are Cast Promotional Plaques Ideal For Your Company?

    Cast metal promotional plaques for businesses are a great way to promote your brand. They look great, are hard wearing and provide customers with a unique gift which will last for years and possibly become a collectors item in the future. Casting ...
    2014-04-23 19:38:25
  • Top Ten Best House Names

    House names are always personal to the property owner, with family names being the main reason most homes were originally named. The homes of rich were named after their ancestry, this soon caught on among other home owners, with house names still...
    2014-04-22 20:33:48
  • Time For A Garden Sign

    Spring is well and truly with us and thoughts are turning to the home and garden once more. Certainly the weather has been ideal the last few days for tidying up the garden and beginning to think about planting and growing again. Some of our favor...
    2014-04-19 10:42:27

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At Sign Cast we keep the authenticity of the traditional casting process alive, producing 100% high quality handmade cast signs,Heritage blue plaques memorial plaques, business signs, cast street signs & special commissions. During the whole production process your cast sign is as important to us as it is to you and that's why we put so much time, care and passion into every single one.


Our office is near Claverley in Wolverhampton. Please call us to ask about our traditional casting techniques for bespoke house signs for your property deveolpment, traditional street signs, commemorative plaques, Heritage blue plaques, memorial plaques, golf tee markers and many more cast metal signs. We’re located at: Upper Aston Farm, Upper Aston, Claverley, WV5 7EE. You can contact us and see us on Google maps on our contact page.
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