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Where To Find Traditional Cast Street Signs

April 12, 2017

Where To Find Traditional Cast Street Signs

We are currently working on a major programme to refurbish existing cast metal nameplates in areas of historical value. These original signs help retain the heritage appeal of any architecturally important period high street.

Along with the replication of original street signs we are also creating patterns and cast signs for major developments who wish to enhance their site with traditional cast signs that give the correct historical ambience to the outside areas.

Cast Metal Sign Pattern

We have cast road way signage including MPH driveway signs, private parking area signs and directional signs.

We can replicate original signs by creating a pattern from artwork provided. The pattern is then used to make either a sand mould or an air set mould.

Sand Air Set Casting Mould

This is when the pattern is placed into fine casting sand where it is either packed down solidly by hand with a rammer tool or injected with CO2 to freeze it solid so that the sand is not disturbed. The result is that a very high definition copy is then produced of the original sign or the new pattern.

Sand Rammer Casting Signs

It is also possible to refurbish street signs, giving a street or village whole new lease of life .

Casting Signs

We have them prepared by chemical stripping, sand blasting and then etched primed and powder coated with a weather proof base colour followed by two coats of an exterior enamel gloss which is hand painted for a truly authentic finish.

Hand Painting Cast Signs In Enamel

If more than one sign needs to be cast then an environmentally friendly option is to reproduce these old classic signs from their originals, which can be used as patterns to cast new street signs from or refurbished and re painted to enhance the villages appearance once more.

Cast Metal Street Sign

We can make traditional patterns in solid cast metals and yet manage to hand finish the signs with a polished appearance to create a more modern approach to traditional street signs.

Many developments are now looking for traditional cast streets signs with a more contemporary feel and we have managed to supply these to some stunning conversions of old industrial units into smart dwelling spaces.