Cast Bronze Commemorative Building Informational Sign

This solid cast bronze sign was created for a building project to inform the passing public of the years the author lived in the building. It was cast from a pattern which was designed using our client's images of a previous plaque. The pattern was used to create a unique mould for the molten bronze to be poured into which set to form one solid cast bronze plaque. This was then finished by patinating the background using a chemical process to darken the cast bronze surface. The raised cast in lettering motif and rim was then hand polished to highlight it beautifully. It was final hand waxed to preserve the finish but allow a continuation of the ageing process. It was mounted using a rear studded system so that no screw fixings are seen from the front.

Delivery Time 8 - 10 weeks

Key Features

  • 100% Unique Hand Made Product From Start To Finish
  • High Quality Materials
  • Cast In Solid Bronze To Last A Lifetime
  • Antique Patinated Waxed Coated Surface
  • Hand Polished For Highlighted Relief

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