Porchester Society Blue Plaque

This plaque was commissioned by the Porchester Society in honour of E.John Towse who rediscovered the Mary Rose. The society provided a layout drawing that was turned into artwork ready for pattern making. A pattern was made and a mould then produced from that to pour the molten metal into which produced one solid cast aluminium plaque with raised lettering and a double rim. The plaque was then finished drilled and powder coated in a tough weather proof coating. The raised lettering and rims were then carefully hand painted in enamel paint. If you would like to commission a similar plaque for your society please enquire.

Size Approximate Cost
8" £225+VAT
10" £275+VAT
12" £325+VAT
14" £375+VAT
16" £425+VAT
18" £475+VAT

For other sizes please email us below for a quote. 

Key Features

  • 100% Unique Hand Made Product from Start To Finish
  • High Quality Materials
  • Cast In Solid Cast Aluminium To Last A Lifetime
  • Weatherproof Powder Coated Surface
  • Beautifully Hand Painted
  • Custom Made Motifs And Logos

    Type: Blue Plaques

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