QR Code Plaques

This series of plaques were made for The Austin Longbridge Car Factory. The addition of a QR codes blends tradition with modern technology and enables the user to have an interactive experience. As it reads on the plaque, the user simply scans the QR code with their phone and learns about the history of the setting.

Size Approximate Cost
8" £250+VAT
10" £300+VAT
12" £350+VAT
14" £400+VAT
16" £450+VAT
18" £500+VAT

For other sizes please email us below for a quote. 

Key Features

  • 100% Unique Hand Made Product from Start To Finish
  • High Quality Materials
  • Cast In Solid Aluminium To Last A Lifetime
  • Weatherproof Powder Coated Surface
  • Beautifully Hand Painted
  • Custom Made Motifs And Logos
  • QR Code to your Specification