School Commemorative Plaque

This school commemorative plaque was commissioned in honour of the school peace garden. The school shield was used at the top of this arched design, it was hand painted in enamel colours to match the school emblem. The pattern was produced from the schools design a mould made and a casting poured in solid aluminium. The aluminium plaque was then powder coated and polished to reveal the metal below. The plaque was then lacquered and finally hand painted in enamels. A lovely way to honour both students and teachers.

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  • Key Features

    • 100% Unique Hand Made Product from Start To Finish
    • High Quality Materials
    • Cast In Solid Cast Aluminium To Last A Lifetime
    • Weatherproof Powder Coated Surface
    • Beautifully Hand Painted
    • Custom Made Motif's And Logos

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