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Why Have Historical Blue Heritage Plaques In Your Town?

March 09, 2018

Why Have Historical Blue Heritage Plaques In Your Town?

Heritage plaques or Historical Blue Plaques have been around for a while now. Often commissioned by Civic Societies for towns and villages, they are also now becoming popular with individuals wishing to honour or commemorate friends and family members.

Blue plaques have historically been placed on buildings or homes to inform the public of birthplaces of people of renown. They are now placed on any building to commemorate a person, place or artefact.

They are also now made in different colours and often made in brown, green or red.

The green plaque scheme was initiated as a way to commemorate famous people or places in various Boroughs, not covered by the English Heritage Blue Plaque Scheme.

The Red Plaque scheme was a new scheme introduced in 2011 to commemorate important and respected people and the things that they have done.

Like Blue Plaques, Red Plaques can also add value to your property if they are appropriate and tasteful. The Transport Trust was one of the first to use Red Plaques as part of it's Red Wheels Scheme and had this to say.

'Whereas English Heritage 'Blue Plaques' commemorate significant people, Red Wheels commemorate significant places and 'things'. 

The Red Wheel programme is recognised by English Heritage as the principal transport heritage programme'

Plaques can be made to reflect the ethos and personal style of the club or committee commisioning the plaque by adding emblems or logos.

Plaques can be commissioned in any colour shape or size and there is nothing to stop you creating your own personalised plaque scheme.

We welcome enquiries from anyone wishing to create a unique Heritage plaque for their town, building or even as a gift.